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About the owner & Creator

In 2010, Velz Monroe was created by Jasmine Hill-Carter to become a t-shirt line displaying cultural phrases. However, Jasmine's love for accessories gave her the idea to launch the brand in 2012 as an jewelry brand. After wearing several styles of jewelry from different fast fashion companies, she notices that the quality did not match the price. Therefore, she strived to create simplistic quality brand that can be worn with all different attires. At the age of 18, she launched the brand while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her drive and ambition has kept her wise beyond her years that after her late father's battle with cancer has turned for the worse, Jasmine juggled working full-time in retail while being a full time college student. Not only did she fill her plate up with school and work, she styled at fashion shows, photoshoots and events to make her brand known throughout NYC. 

After several years of providing accessories for your everyday people including some of everyone's favorite influencers & celebrities, it was time to elevate the brand products and brand image. With the influx of jewelry lines, you could not tell one brand from another. As the brand grew globally, Jasmine moved across the country to Los Angeles in 2020 to start production in order to make her brand distinctive and more unique. While figuring out the vision for Velz Monroe, COVID-19 affected the process which caused a delay in production.

Although COVID-19 shut down the entire world, Jasmine was able to find her true purpose and thoroughly plan her expansion to provide timeless pieces for everyone around the world.

The Evolution of Velz Monroe

Velz Monroe launched as a vintage jewelry brand in 2012. As the male audience grew, the brand shifted gears to expand its target market by adding cultural everyday pieces and networking with up and coming creatives. The brand has provided many pieces for fashion shows, photoshoots, video shoots, red carpet events as well as concerts/appearances. 

The brand has been featured in multiple outlets.

cropped-logo-black (1).png

Velz Monroe has now transitioned to a premium simplistic brand that provide quality everyday merchandise. This is a major shift for the brand and more is to come as the brand approach ten years.

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