Velz Monroe was created to provide quality product for an affordable price. Our merchandise can be dressed up and down. Not only can you wear our products to an event but you can pair it with your everyday looks. 

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Velz Monroe is exclusively sold online via our website. 

No order goes out if it is not made directly through our website. 

Please avoid buying from any social media platforms claiming to be us. 

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Start with being a brand affiliate first. 

Make money wearing your favorite products and get items every month for 3 months at a discounted rate.

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What Symbol(s) Represents You

Our pendants are handpicked for our customers to provide variety, representation and a sense of belonging.

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Our product material vary per piece. All of our earrings are gold plated. Most chains are gold filled or stainless steel.

Check Cart Before Purchase

Due to hypoallergenic reasons,

All products are final sale.

However, all customer receive a 7 day warranty.

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